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inamor_rumor's Journal

can you keep a secret?
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Just because you haven't told anyone

doesn't mean it's not there.

This Community is based on the community ljsecrets

Where users create works of art with photographs and other artforms to tell their secrets. Any secrets.

The reason this community was made was to
a: Let users tell their own secrets
to get them out in the open
so they won't be alone.
b: Give support to anyone who needs it.
c: To give members a laid back creative outlet
to let the mind run free
and stay inspired.

of course, there are rules.
and they are important.
If I catch you breaking ANY of these rules, I will immediately ban you from the site.
if you have a problem, call the hotline:

1: No flaming. You will burn when you are on fire. We don't need your negativity, or your opinions in the first place. It's a secret, and it's not yours. Don't be immature, you dolt.
2: Let it go! if someone says something you don't get completely, and you are not sure if they are being sarcastic, tell me! It's stupid as hell to be sarcastic over the computer, because most likely, noone will get it.
3: you may post only one secret on the main page, and it MUST be under 300x400 pixels. The rest should be under a cut.
4: you may post as many as -100- secrets in a post (it's a lot.) as long as you MAKE SURE they are under a cut. look in the livejournal help section if you do not know how.
5: If you are uncomfortable posting a secret about someone, or they are uncomfortable having their face in the community, come upon a mutual agreement to either
a: blur out their face, paint over their eyes, anything you need to do yo conceal their identity.
b: just delete it!
6: contact your Mod if you have any questions that can't be answered by other members. If they don't know it, i most likely do.
7: IMPORTANT! If you are not ACTIVE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY (which by my standards not making a secrets post in TWO OR MORE WEEKS) you WILL be banned. I give exceptions to vacations, sickness, lack of computer access, etc. but if you honestly don't care about the community then you wont care about us kicking you out. hey, you can still watch us by leaving and still being friends! (hey look, a loop-hole!)
8: make secrets you do not want the general public seeing FRIENDS ONLY. you can do this as many times as you want, we honestly don't care. we want to protect your privacy!
9: HAVE FUN! remember, saying things you hesitate about are completely worth saying here. that's the point. shake out of your nervousness!

your creator:

we will have members of the month!
who has been supportive?
who has gotten through something hard?
who has changed their veiw of themselves?

they will be featured here, as well as a treat from moldytampon
I'm proud of you!